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In an exclusive interview, the billionaire rapper says he’s “walking for president” as GOP operatives work to get him on state ballots
07 августа 2020 4 мин. 1152
Current and former employees at “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” shared allegations of a toxic work environment and mistreatment
06 августа 2020 4 мин. 839
China’s state-run media outlets widely condemned the United States this week calling the deal “theft” and “open robbery” of Chinese technology.
05 августа 2020 3 мин. 833
In July, the U.S. experienced the highest number of new Covid-19 cases with over 1.9 million diagnoses
04 августа 2020 2 мин. 647
U.S. General Manager Vanessa Pappas highlighted the “10,000 jobs” the company is expected to bring to the U.S.
03 августа 2020 3 мин. 658
72% of U.S. adults believe big tech companies have too much “power and influence” in politics
30 июля 2020 4 мин. 551
Facebook has offered hundreds of thousands of dollars to creators with the most followers
29 июля 2020 3 мин. 603
30,000 Americans have reportedly volunteered to be part of the large phase three human trial
28 июля 2020 3 мин. 853